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A Full-Service Beauty Salon, Here for You

Hiya! My name is Sami Meyers, and I'm the face behind Acorn Artistry. I started my career as a makeup artist while I went to Cosmetology School to get my license. Going into school, I knew I wanted to have a career that I was completely in charge of. When I decided to open my own studio, I had a clear vision of how it will be. I wanted a personal space so I could be one-on-one with my guests to ensure they receive the best possible experience. I am constantly learning and growing as a stylist and as a business person. I strive to satisfy your hair and beauty needs with the utmost quality and care.



The Story Behind the Brand

So, whats the deal with the acorn? Well, in a nutshell... (see what we did there?)

When I first started dating my husband, Josh, we were both in middle school. Throughout his time in school, everyone called him Oak Tree. More people knew him by this name than his actual name. Fast forward to about a month before we got married, nearly 8 years later. I came across a quote that said "within the acorn lives the mightiest oak." After we got married, I got this tattoo as a celebration of my husband, my mightiest oak. 

Fast forward again to when my husband opened up his own painting company. He was stuck trying to figure out a name. After much brainstorming, it finally hit me like a light bulb. "Oak and Acorn Painting!" I blurted out. Since then we've continued to make Oak and Acorn a branding of not just a business venture, but a branding of us and who we are as a family.